Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Engineering Design and Consulting Services


We make use of the following design and calculus tools:

MagiCAD Electrical

Features and functions

Available for AutoCAD and Revit MEP Draw quickly and easily in 2D or 3D
Create and modify your own products and symbols
Intelligent cables and cable packets throughout the building
Automatic warning when cables exceed their maximum length
Easy and fast production of cable lists
Intelligent handling of telecom and data connections
Select or define layer standards
Create and update a switchboard schematic automatically
Automatic update between plan and schematic drawings
Scale text and symbols
Create bills of materials (BOM)
Connect devices automatically
Minimise clicks and save time with the ‘Favourites’ toolbar
Automatically search and replace e.g. existing luminaires
Create a cross-section in a few seconds, and update it just as quickly
Check collision with installations and building
Power calculations for circuits and switchboards
Connection to lighting calculation software (Dialux plugin)

MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping

Draw quickly and easily with a versatile selection of drawing and editing functions

Switch between wire-frame, 2D and 3D
Choose products from MagiCAD’s extensive database
Dimension ducts and pipes
Calculate pressure drops
Calculate sound levels for ducts
Balance and display preset values/damper positions
Present the most significant flow route
Analyse flow data
Create bills of materials (BOM)
Check collision with installations and buildings
Easily create and update sections automatically
Set drawing and other presentation options for each viewport separately
Utilise plugins for manufacturers’ programs
Freely define status values, for example for new and existing objects
Design heating, cooling, water, sewer, sprinkler systems, etc.
Draw 1, 2 or 3 pipes simultaneously
Easy radiator selection function

MagiCAD Room and Comfort & Energy

Fast, accurate cooling calculations
Easy to compare design alternatives
Reliable decision support early in projects
Cooling calculations include accumulation of loads (thermal mass)
Comfort and energy simulations for buildings and separate rooms
Wall, window and door widths and heights can be edited
Graphical reports for customers
No oversized devices
Delivers all data for energy declarations
IFC import/export for both 32-bit and 64-bit environments

MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer

Features and functions

Automatic wire-frame, 2D and 3D view
Calculation of required system pressure based on the weakest sprinkler head
Weakest sprinkler head is automatically identified
Multiple sprinkler heads are attached simultaneously
Pipe dimensions and sprinkler heads are changed using ‘Find and Replace’
Bills of materials (BOM) are easily produced
Coverage area is easily changed for one or several sprinkler heads
Sprinkler design is made with DWG standard format
Calculation methods (CEA 4001, VdS 2092, SS-EN 12845)
All data for calculations, quality control and design approvals available from the drawing

MagiCAD Circuit Designer

Features and functions

Available for AutoCAD
Use familiar drawing and editing functions while maintaining object intelligence
Efficient page and object management
Intelligent objects enable automatic reference text updating
Wizard functions assist in creating drawings
Wide range of standard symbolsCapacity to create own symbols
Automatic layout creation for used paper size
Centralised label attribute editing


"Not only do we focus on the Provided Engineering Services, but also on the functionality of an entire concept within the limits of estimated budget.”
"Our services relay on result-oriented management, as well as on client satisfaction. We came up with innovative ideas tailored to each of our projects."